Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Vent

Tonight I don't even care about my font or color. I need to vent and I really don't need negative comments, this is just a place for me to get this out without going out of my ever-loving mind.
So the past couple of days, Matt has had nothing but attitude...not towards the kids...just towards me. I don't know why. But tonight it all came to a head. He says it's ALL me, and that it's all my fault, and that I need my anti-depressant upped. I beg to differ vehemently.
I am so sick to death of being told for the past 10 years that because I'm bipolar, everything is my fault because I'm "crazy". What a total cop out and a load of crap and way to push off the personal accountability on to someone else. Everything I have said in the past 2 days, has been reacted to with attitude, malicious, hateful answers. I'm not even going into details about arguments or whatever. Most of them are the tiniest things that he blows totally out of proportion immediately. I don't know if it's the testosterone gel, HIS anti-depressant isn't high enough or what. I have been very cautious as to how I ask him things, say things to him, or answer him in every way. And yet I get yelled at for an hour about how I'm crazy and HE went and got help and now *I* need to do the same. As if he's some freaking saint because after THREE YEARS of putting up with HIS BS, he FINALLY went and got medicated. Oh and the BEST part?! He could have done this a YEAR ago. But NO. He waited until the DAY I DECIDED TO LEAVE HIM AND TAKE THE KIDS WITH ME! Way to play on my emotions, knowing I'd stay around to take care of him. Why? Because I'm a care-taker. Because I'm an idiot. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently.
Oh and the kicker?! Because I did laundry and dishes today, went without enough sleep for the sake of our kids being able to take advantage of a snow day to go sledding, I'm suddenly MANIC. ::insert laugh with an eyeroll here:: Oh, I'm sorry....I forgot that the mice and birds were going to come in the house tonight while I am sleeping and take care of it for me! How thoughtless of me! I should have left it so it'd get done all by itself. Because the dishes were going to grow arms and legs and wash themselves and the clothes were suddenly going to become animated and put themselves in the washer and dryer and fold themselves. Oh yeah! SILLY ME!!!! Oh wait, no, I'm just freaking manic. I couldn't POSSIBLY just be doing every day housework that went left undone yesterday because I hurt and NO ONE ELSE was going to get off his ass and do it! Noooo, that's soooooo silly!!
So yeah, I'm fed up, pissed off, angry, hurt, and just ARGH!
Like I said, no negative comments necessary. I know what most of you have to say anyways. You've told me before and I don't need or want to hear it again. Not tonight. It's been a bad enough night without being made to feel guilty because I don't just uproot my kids and leave and totally disrupt their lives in the middle of a school year for Peanut...oh yeah, with no income or money to speak of or no vehicle. (Don't ask about the vehicle. That's a whole other ball of wax I'm just NOT getting into. Yet another screwed up mess Matt's gotten us into.)
Ok, rant over. I just needed to get it off my chest...shoulders...mind. whatever.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Survived!!

Wow!! We survived the ice and snow storm of 2011! lol Nathaniel will have his third day off in a row, for school, tomorrow. We got a ton of ice here. It was unreal to stand on the porch and just watch it come down and freeze immediately. You could stand there and just listen to all the branches and large limbs cracking and falling to the ground around the neighborhood. Our own tree, in the backyard, lost several smaller limbs. The duplex on the corner lost a huge limb from their tree. The ice just weighed everything down! And before I could get out there to take pictures, the weather "warmed up" enough that we just had regular rain and it melted away all of the ice from the power lines and trees! It's still very icy on the snow though!
We were lucky to not lose power, but 44,000 others in our county weren't as inlaws are ones that lost power Tuesday night around 9pm. As of this afternoon, they still didn't have power so they were packing up and heading to my SIL's house to stay. MIL has work in the morning and SIL's place is close to MIL's work. So they're there, nice & warm now.
I was hoping to take the kids out to play in the snow tomorrow. It depends on how icy it still is. I don't want anyone falling & getting hurt.
I hope all of my friends out there, who were hit by this storm are safe and warm!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Crisis in Egypt is Disturbing

Is anyone paying attention to the crisis in Egypt right now?? Their president has been president for 29 years. He's in his 80's and he's the only president a lot of Egyptians have ever known. And they are unhappy, to say the least, with the direction of their government. There have been major protests against the government over the weekend, leading to several deaths. At last count I heard, it was just over 70. Protesting has led to rioting, people starting fires and becoming violent. The people are asking for the President to step down from his role to allow someone who has the interest of the people at heart.
What I find MOST disturbing is that, instead of listening to the voices of the people, the government opted to shut down cell phone services and internet, to stop the protesters from being able to communicate. Is this really a route that ANY government should be able to take?? I find it extremely frightening that they would do such a thing.
And I know that  it has been said that President Obama would shut down the internet in the event of terror attacks on the US.
But what about this...what if our citizens got fed up with OUR government and started protesting, as the Egyptians have? Would our President then shut down OUR modes of communication? This is such a slippery slope, people, to give one person that power. I think it is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!! What happened to WE THE PEOPLE and freedom of speech? Is this not a way for government to shut us up? I do not like this idea at all! Does our government forget that WE THE PEOPLE put them in their positions, and that WE THE PEOPLE can yank them out of it if they don't do their job??
We are very rapidly losing our freedoms and rights in this country. And here is just another example, if we step out of line....err, or voice our disgust with government.
Egypt is just the beginning, folks. Is this next for America? You may think not. But don't put that much trust in our officials. They have proven to be untrustworthy over and over again, on both sides of the line.
Just my thoughts for the day. Happy Monday to you all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Opinion

I was not impressed with anything President Obama had to say in tonight's State of the Union Address. He spoke of cutting costs...yet for two years has spent, spent, spent, without anyone reigning him or his party in. I cannot wait for his final two years to be through. I am so hoping the Republican party comes up with a major contender to go against him at reelection time.
Okay, that's it. That's all I had to say. lol

Friday, January 21, 2011

Changes on the Horizon?

So Matt saw a family doctor on Wednesday, for the first time in our entire marriage. They are running some blood work to check on certain things. And the doctor put him on Paxil. He goes back in 2 weeks to discuss lab results and how he's doing on the Paxil at that point. This is his 3rd day of taking the Paxil and he said he already feels less on edge and less irritable. Not happy, per se, but not so easily angered. So perhaps it's going to work for him? I sure hope so! I like tehe changes I'm seeing in him already. Some of it a conscious decision to choose his words more wisely and an effort to not be so quick to anger. With the boys, especially, he needs to let the little things go.
So I'm very happy with the changes in him, thusfar. I just hope he continues to improve and that this isn't a temporary thing to appease me and keep me & the kids from leaving him. Because that's the point things are at. They change or we split.
So continued prayers would be appreciated! Thank you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

So things haven't been "good" between Matt & I for a long while now. And it's finally to the point where things HAVE to change or there will be no more Matt & I.
I won't go in to all the gory details. Just that we've each been going through our own troubles and now it's make or break it time.
I don't wish these types of troubles on anyone. They have been heartwrenching. In some aspects it would probably be best if we went our separate ways now, rather than later. But I can't make myself let go just yet. A part of me wants to keep fighting for my family.
Then there's another part of me that is so sick of the fighting and arguing and strife, and wants to just be done with it all, find my own way, find love.
Tonight's blog is going to be short. I'm so torn right now. If you read this and pray, please pray. For me, Matt, our family. For us to do right by our children, no matter what direction life takes us.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Every Day Life

It's so sad to send Peanut off to school again. I don't think 2 weeks is long enough for Christmas break. I just love spending time with my kids. I hate when the breaks come to an end. I'd love to homeschool him but he really likes school and doesn't want to, so I won't force him. I just want to spend as much time with my kiddos as humanly possible. They're kids for such a little time, in the grand scheme of things. I'm greedy with my time with them. I guess I could have worse faults! haha

So Peanut's at school already this morning. Ben's sitting next to me, playing Peanut's DS. And I just put Amanda back to sleep. When I lay her down, I hold her close to me, and talk quietly to her, telling her it's night night time (no matter the time of day/night) and that she needs to lay down and go to sleep. It's amazing...she lays down, allows me to cover her up with a thin blanket, and stays still. It's so neat to watch her fall asleep. She just lays there, quietly, looking around, or just looking forward, awaiting sleep to overtake her. She's such a little Angel sent from Heaven. I just can't get enough of her. I was the same way with the boys too. I kissed them constantly, held them, cuddled with them and just basically loved all over them.
I love that the boys are the way they are now. But it's sad, too, to see those baby days pass by ever so quickly. Matt & I were talking, the other day, about how quickly the days seem to pass us today. When we were kids, it seemed like the days and years drug on and on. Our perspective changes so drastically, as we become adults.
By the way...
I hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year's! I can't exactly say mine was least not NYE, since Matt decided he wanted to argue the hour and a half before the new year, about stupid stuff. Other than that, my NYE was great, spending time with the kids. We had chocolate fondu with mini-oreos, mini-marshmellows, pretzels, graham crackers, and bananas. Yummy! Good stuff! We also had pizza rolls, but not with the fondu! LOL
We watched the ball drop together, the kids toasted with 50/50, while Matt & I toasted with cheap champagne, lol. Then NYD we went to Stephanie & Matt's house to have game day/night. Now THAT was fun! We played Apples to Apples & Pictionary, had dinner (lots of food!), and laughed a lot! The kids played a couple of kid-appropriate games and watched Toy Story 3 and ran around like a bunch of hooligans! Fun times! haha

I must get on with my day now! Enjoy your Monday in this new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas! We still have to celebrate with my Mom & Dad tomorrow evening. Mom wasn't feeling well last week, so we post-poned it. We had a couple of real life Angels that made the kids' Christmas a spectacular one! They had so much stuff to open and it was everything that they love and needed (clothing, socks, undies). They really made out!
After the kids opened their presents here, we went to Stephanie's and had Christmas with them and Mom & Dad Plaster. And again, the kids made out huge! I think Benjamin paid Santa off, 'cause he had a humongous pile of gifts!! We had a great time over there.
While we were getting everything packed up and ready to leave, Matt's dad fell outside, on the ice. He hit his knee on the car, when he slipped, which made him hit his hip, which threw him totally off balance and he landed flat on his back, hitting his head on the bricks. Luckily he had his cell phone handy and called to let us know he'd fallen and needed help. Matt & his sister ran out to get him and helped him inside. We checked his head, there was no gash or bump or anything. He was just really sore. And his ego was bruised, a bit. But we didn't care about that. We just wanted to make sure he was ok.
So once we were sure he was indeed fine, Matt, the kids and I left and headed to my Dad's and Sandy's for Christmas. We got there about 8pm. And again, the kids got a bunch of cool stuff! We opened some of the presents for Amanda so she could play while Matt & I visited. The boys hung out with my brother Matt, playing video games. We stayed until just after 11pm. It was a long day, but we had  a good time with everyone.
Getting ready to do it again tomorrow night and then we'll be done until next year! I'll post a few pics of the kids opening presents.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Eve Tradition...

So Matt & I are terrible parents. We have major organizational issues that have always plagued us. I'm telling you year when anyone asks us what we want for Christmas or birthday's...I'll be telling them storage tubs and organization stations!!!!
Every year, Matt & I end up staying up, literally, all night, wrapping presents and cleaning the living room (it doesn't matter WHERE we live) and getting the tree up or finished decorating. And here we are, back at it. It's after midnight and we're trying to get this place in order so that when the kids get up in the morning, it looks like a HOME rather than a mess.
(Random side note: Amanda's in her play pen humming to "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", awwwww.)
So Matt & I will be up all night, again this Christmas Eve, to make the house the way it should be for the kids. Which means tomorrow we'll be exhausted and running on empty while visiting everyone. Which means Matt will be grumpy and I will be irritable with one another. Sigh.
Will we ever learn?? Sometimes I don't think we will, but then I think, but there's next year, to make the necessary changes! And then next year rolls around and we're in the same position as previous years.
Soooo....back to work I go! Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and enjoy the time you have with loved ones. Blessings!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Wow, I cannot believe how much time has passed, since my last entry! Bad blogger!! So here's some quick updates!
Peanut has entered 4th grade and is now 10 yrs. old!! Yes! TEN! I can't believe it! This is his last year in elementary school! He will be in middle school next year, and that just seems so unreal to me. He's doing really well in 4th grade, though. He's still at the same school as last year and has many friends. A few of them even live in our immediate neighborhood, so he got to attend his first non-family birthday party this past weekend. He was so psyched about it!
Peanut continues to be a skinny lil thing. He's cold all the time because of it, lol. He's always got a sweatshirt or jacket on. He has developed, over the last couple of years, an aversion to eating in front of others. If he's with just us, he's fine. He'll eat whatever and however much he's hungry for. But when it's a larger gathering, even with family, he gets freaked out and feels like everyone's watching him, so he doesn't eat or eats like a bird. I had the same issues when I was younger, but I was a teenager before these social anxiety issues came about. Peanut's only 10, so it bugs me. But I just make sure he eats before or after the event we're involved in, so that he's still be nurished.
He continues to be an awesome big brother to Ben & Amanda. He just adores Amanda still. He doesn't hesitate to pick her up if she's crying, or get her something to eat or drink, or to sit and play with her. He's very protective of her. He's like a little Mr. Mom. It's so cute, and I'm so glad I could finally have a girl so that HE could enjoy being her big protector. He's an amazing kid and I just love him so much!

Benjamin is 4 1/2 yrs. old now. He was in preschool again but we started having the same separation issues as before. So for the remainder of the year, he will be attending every Friday and just meeting one-on-one with the speech therapist. I don't think he'll be going to kindergarten in the fall. We have the option of holding him back and putting him in preschool for one more school year and it seems that's what we'll have to do with him. He's just not ready for 5 full days of school. He can't even get thru 4 half days a week.
He's still my little comedian. The kid comes up with the funniest stuff, I swear! For the most part, he's a very good kid. But he has his normal-toddler sized tantrums now & then. Some days more often than others, lol. He definitely keeps us on our toes! And I have to say, he's a pretty awesome big brother to Amanda, as well! He likes to sit & play with her and talk to her. He tries to show her how to do things. He doesn't fully understand that she's not quite able to do a lot of things he can yet, lol. But it's the thought that counts!

And as for our little Princess!!! Miss Amanda is now 17 months old and a whopping (LOL) 18.4 lbs! Yes, another small baby for the Plaster household. Matt found some photos of the boys from when they were right around Amanda's age now and it's unreal how much alike they all 3 looked. There is NO denying these 3 kiddos are siblings! The only major difference is Amanda's hair is a good 2-3 shades lighter than the boys' hair color was. I expect she'll darken up a bit, later, maybe. She seems to have my lighter toned hair, though, so maybe not. We can pull her hair into one tiny pony tail on top of her head. The back isn't anywhere near long enough for that as of yet. If we didn't dress her in pinks and purples and put bows in her hair, she'd look like a boy, lol.
And she's probably going to be a tomboy. She's not a huge fan of dolls or stuffed animals yet. She'd rather have balls and cars! lol Her & Ben take their cars and trucks in the kitchen and run them all over the place. Mandy is walking, however she's still pretty unstable. She likes to hold on to things and cruise along them better than walking alone. And even better than cruising, she prefers to crawl because it's much quicker for her. She finds a way to get around, though. She has 4 teeth fully 'out' and 4 more on the way. The 4 that are fully out, are two on top, two on bottom. The other 4 that are coming in are on the top, 2 on either side of the full middle ones. They're so stinking cute! SHE is so stinking cute, all the way around! She's such a joyful, happy little girl! I can't imagine life without her. She just lights up our lives.
She's starting to say some words, but you have to be around her all the time, like us, to decipher them, lol. In her own way, she says "Love you", "Hi", "Please". She waves, signs "thank you" and sometimes signs "please". If prompted, she will sign "more" and "eat". And if these ways of communication fail, she grunts and points. As soo as she sees food, whether it's time to eat or not, she starts "mmm, Mmmm Mmmm mmmmmMMmm"ing lol. She is DEFINITELY our good eater. She will eat ANYTHING you sit in front of her. Which is nice! No picky eaters in our family...except for Matthew! lol And, really, the only thing I won't eat is olives, pickles and raw onions.
So the family is doing wonderful!

It's been a trying year for us though, because Matt has been unemployed since March. We get his unemployment but that's all. He's put in applications everywhere, from photo studios to factories to restaurants to stores (Walmart, Target, Kohls, etc.), all to no avail. I've been a few applications out there, as well. But let's face it, I am the primary care-giver, even with Matthew at home. Amanda is still nursing 3-4 times a day and that's just not something Matt can take over, no matter how much we try, LOL. And it has nothing to do with the milk itself...she drinks cow's milk from a sippy cup just fine. It's the actual act of breastfeeding and being close to mommy that Amanda still craves and thrives on. So I'm not about to rip that from her. I don't care what others think. This is about what's best for her and I'm her mommy so there! lol So that's that!
But we've been very blessed this year, through friends, family and our church family (even though we've been far from faithful in our church attendance). We've not gone without, despite Matt's meager unemployment checks. And for that, we are extremely grateful and thankful! We will never be able to repay all the kindness and help we've received over the past several months. We could never say "Thank You" enough to those who have been there for us. I just hope that one day (soon) we will be able to pay the kindness forward to others in need.
Well, that's all for tonight. I'll see about adding a few pictures of the kids and then I'm going to catch a few Zzzzz's before getting up again and finishing our Christmas preparations! Christmas! Already! But that's another blog for another day! Good night (or morning, depending on how you'd like to look at it) Blog World!

This was in November.

This was on Mandy's 1st birthday.

First day of school in August.

Trick or Treating.

My little Tinkerbelle.

My vampire Peanut, megatron Ben and Tinkerbelle Manda.

Peanut, Manda and Spongebob in July.

Ornery Ben! Just look at that grin!

Amanda in her cute outfit in October.

Peanut just a few days after his 10th birthday, in Oct.

Mommy & Angelgirl kissing, in October.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Photos of my babies

So Amanda's schedule is all backwards. It has been for about 2 weeks now. Matt & I are totally exhausted from this. We try to grab naps throughout the day, if we can, but it's not helping. We're all screwed up and I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. It started when we all got sick, and she's still got a pretty congested nose issue going on. No fever, but the NP at our doctor's office thinks it's a case of teething syndrome. I feel bad for the poor little girl. It interferes with nursing, cause she can't breathe. Then we're also dealing with what seems to be nightmares or something. She just suddenly wakes in the night, or even during daytime sleep, screaming her little head off. It's a horrible sound! Most times she's not consolable and it just breaks my heart!

I've missed church so much, and I really miss going. Every week I have the intention of going, and then either I'm sick, Amanda's sick, or I've been up all night with her. There are so many new people at church now, that I kinda feel like a stranger when I *do* get to go! That's one thing I liked about our church so much, when I was the secretary, was that I was involved on the front lines and I knew everyone. Now I feel like the newbie! Speaking of being the secretary...I miss that job soooo much! I told Matt last week that it made me feel needed. Not just at the church, but as a woman. It gave me a different identity from just "mommy". Now I'm back to just "mommy" and feeling lost in the shuffle. Don't get me wrong!! I LOVE being a SAHM!! But I found out that I also love being of need in a different capacity.
Perhaps when Amanda's weaned I will look for a part time job. I just don't think I'll find as much satisfaction in just any part time job, as I found at the church. I was surrounded by upstanding, loving, encouraging men & women every day. If I was having an off day, it was ok, I had a prayer partner near by, ready to lend a hand. I felt more at peace when at the church.
I know all things come to an end. And perhaps there's something else out there for me. I just know that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the church and hope that I can find something else like that some day, when the timing is right.

Just feeling nostalgic, I guess! And missing good friends!! Well, it's about time for me to get Nathaniel up for school. Just another Monday morning! Blessings!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Holy freaking moly! Okay, so a LOT has happened since my last entry. And there's a VERY good reason for my long absence. We moved last June, and I haven't had internet service until very recently. Now that I'm back online, I tried to access my Blogger account and couldn't remember my password, ugh! So I had to do the whole reset thing with that. But here I am!

Soooo....Since my last post, we've moved to the other side of town. We like where we are. We don't like renting again but it's what we have to do to rebuild our credit. Peanut's in 3rd grade, in a new school. He's had a pretty good school year. He's doing well, and looking forward to summer vacation coming up really soon already!! He was reading a book to me the other day and I was so impressed with his tone and inflection when he reads. Also with the fact that he knew words like "familiar" with no problem! He & I have a standing date every two weeks together, with our local library. We go every 2 weeks and we both check out books. He reads them for his reading program through school and I read for pleasure. He even checks books out for Ben! He's such a great big brother! We're going to be more involved with our library in the future! We've been really enjoying spending time there. And it's so nice for just the two of us to spend that time together!!

Benjamin turns 4 in two weeks! I know!! Already!! He has grown in leaps and bounds!! Not so much physically...he's still on the small side. He's only 28 lbs. But his speech has gotten so much better! You can have a conversation with him and understand all of it, with the occasional issue of a word he doesn't quite know how to pronounce. That's still normal at his age. He is such a little ball of comedy, I'll tell ya! He comes up with the funniest things to say.
His latest thing is when he gets upset or mad, he tells you (in a very stern voice) that he's going to turn into the Master. Then he does this boxing thing with his hands. Then a while later he looks down at his chest and says "Turn back to Ben". That's him "talking to himself". LOL It is the funniest thing. He was having some behaviour issues a few weeks ago and Matt told him..."You'd better tell yourself to be good!" Ben looks down at himself and says "Ben, be good!" LOL Goofy kid!

Then there's our newest addition...Miss Amanda Lynn-Marie (aka Mandy, Mandy Lynn, Amanda Panda, Tootie, Angel, Bunkabunk). Amanda made her entry into this world on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2009. She was my biggest baby, tipping the scales at 8lb.s 7 oz. and 21 inches long. She was born healthy and perfect!! There were no residual side effects for her (or me) from my gestational diabetes, thank the Lord! She nursed for the first time while I was in the recovery room, it was unreal! She had NO issues at all. She latched on the first time with no trouble whatsoever. No pain to me AT ALL and has continued that way all this time. She's still breastfeeding and doing well with it. She's up to 1 meal a day, of a fruit or veggie with rice cereal. She's now 8 months old and thriving and happy and healthy! She's started crawling backwards over the weekend! Go Love Bug go! She's mommy's little Angel! She is just SO happy ALL the time (with the exception of when she's tired or hungry)!! She's always got a smile for you and they just light up her entire face!! I can sit for hours watching her smile and laugh and just being happy.

The boys just adore her. I knew Peanut would. It was Ben we were worried about, but he adjusted beautifully! We have been so proud of him! And we recognize how truly blessed we are, to have 3 beautiful children, who are healthy, happy, loved, and they love each other. The boys play so well together. They often play video games together, play cars with each other, color together, etc. Peanut's a good teacher to Ben.

We haven't been involved with church much, since Amanda's birth, purely because of circumstances. At first (even still sometimes), it's because of me being exhausted from being up with Amanda at night. Then we've had vehicle issues. Our car started taking a turn for the worse. Matt was the only one driving it, deeming it unsafe for me to drive around with the kids in the car. Then he was involved in an accident, nothing life-threatening, but it certainly didn't help the car any. A few weeks later, it just totally died all together. So we went quite a few weeks with no vehicle at all. Our neighbors and Matt's dad took him back & forth to work during that time.

We now have 2 vans, woohoo! Mine is awesome, they're used, older, but I love my van! They're in good condition and should last us the next several years. So we've been trying to get re-involved with church but then we've all been sick, off & on since Februrary! I cannot wait for summer weather to kick all this back & forth weather out of here for good!!

On a more personal note, Matt got me the Wii Fit Plus and I have been using it to work out with. I haven't lost weight yet, but I am loving the workouts!! I can workout as much, or as little, as I want. It keeps track of everything for me, including my weight & bmi. I have a goal in mind and am working towards it. I can't wait to start working out again...I've had to take a break during being sick because of this stupid cough. It doesn't take anything to get me into a coughing fit that lasts for a good deal of time. So I'm hoping to be able to update on that on a regular basis!

So for now, that's all. It's late and I need a few hours of sleep before I get Peanut up for school. Until next time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Sickies!

So remember in my post last night I said Matt was really sick? Yeah, he has double pneumonia! He was sent home with mega-anitbiotics and an inhaler and instructions that if he's not feeling ANY better by tomorrow afternoon (Monday), that he's to take his admission papers to the hospital and get admitted. So I'm praying he starts feeling better, over night. I'm trying to take good care of him without getting too close. Pneumonia is the last thing I need while being pregnant. Both boys have recently had bronchitis & pneumonia, as well. So it's making its rounds in our household! Say prayers it stops with Matt! And ya'll stay healthy too!

Quick Update

Not sure I can keep this "quick", but I'm going to try, because of the time. Sooo...I haven't updated since September and A LOT has happened since then. The main thing being that God has blessed us with another pregnancy! It was a HUGE shock to us, however! We weren't trying, not in the least. NOW is NOT the best timing for us, but God has HIS own timing! It has taken a while to adjust to the thought of another baby. With all of the stuff we've been going through with Ben, we really just wanted to wait a while yet, before adding to the family. But I know that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, soooo....I must be able to handle this!

Nathaniel is SUPER excited and DEMANDING a baby if I have anything to do with that! lol Benjamin is ADAMENT against having a baby! He wants NOTHING to do with having a baby in this house. Of course, I'm not sure how much he truly understands, but he says "no baby" and "no baby house", so I guess we'll just see! Ben is used to being the baby of our household and I don't think he's going to adjust very well, quite honestly. We're going to do everything in our power, though, to help him cope and not feel lost in the shuffle.

Another big thing, not a good thing, but a big event is that we lost our house due to foreclosure. There was absolutely nothing we could do to avoid it and it is what it is. So right now we're in limbo, of sorts, not sure where we're going to live. Right now, we're still in the house. We're waiting to hear from the bank, to see if they'll rent the house to us. I really don't want to pack and move during this pregnancy, given what happened the last time. If we could rent the house for a year or so, it'd be so helpful to us. Then we could switch the boys' rooms around. Nathaniel would take Ben's smaller room so that we could put Ben and the baby in the bigger room together. Nathaniel is all for that as long as he gets a room of his own, lol. Being the oldest, and being that there's so many years between the boys, I feel it's only fair that Nathaniel get his own room for now. Should we have a girl, then, obviously, that will change later down the road. If not, then the two younest will always be able to bunk together.

Another huge thing in our lives is that Matt & I have entered marriage counseling with our Associate Pastor at our church. We're very excited about where this will lead our relationship with one another, and with God. We're attending a Marriage Conference at our church over Valentine's Weekend, that we're both excited about. It should be a huge learning experience for both of us. I've already seen small improvements in how Matt speaks to me. Out of the blue, the other night, when he called me from work, he thanked me for washing the laundry! He's NEVER done that before. I was shocked, and said something to the effect of "what was that for". He said he knows he never thanks me for doing the laundry and that it's a big task and he never helps, so he thought he should say 'thank you'. It was super sweet and a really nice surprise. It was just something so simple, yet it made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Speaking of Matt, the poor man is so sick right now. He was sent home from work today, half way through his day. He's been running anywhere from 102 - 104 fevers. He's going to Urgent Care tomorrow, to get checked out. He was going to go tonight, but when he came home, he totally crashed on the couch, and has been there all night. He looks awful. He NEVER gets sick, but when he does, he gets it good. Usually he kicks it in a day or two, tops. But this has been almost 5 days now! I'm getting worried! Especially since both boys just got over bronchitis and pneumonia. Yeah, it's been fun in the Plaster household! ha! As long as they don't get me sick! That's ALL I need!!

I know I left out a lot. Thanksgiving, Christmas, details about the pregnancy. I promise to get to them in the upcoming days. I just can't tonight. I have church in the morning and I need my sleep!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Life

I know I haven't been keeping up with my journaling. Life has been very busy, recently! We've had a lot going on at our church. And as the secretary there, I am often involved in the behind-the-scenes preparations for events. A couple of weeks ago, we had a huge church yard sale. I worked the cash register the majority of the day. I had helped the two days prior to the sale, pricing items, organizing items, throwing out the useless items, etc. It took several of us, over a course of 3 days, total, to pull this off. And it was so worth it! We raised over $800 in just one day of sales! Go us!!

I have to say how much I thoroughly enjoy working with my Pastors. I respect and look up to both of them so much. I don't think either of them realize how often they touch my heart and spirit, even as we are just working side-by-side in the day-to-day tasks in the church office.
And I NEVER realized HOW MUCH WORK goes on behind the scenes!!! Matt is afraid that I'm going to burn out quickly. I'm praying to the Lord that this doesn't happen because I feel I have a purpose there. Not just there...I feel I have a purpose in general, now. Being a stay-at-home-mommy is wonderful and I'd NEVER change it for the world. But I think we can sometimes get lost in being "mommy" and forget that we are women with other talents and skills, too.

I have made some really awesome friendships in the church and I look so forward to deepening those friendships over the upcoming months...and even years.

I am very excited about being a Missionettes teacher this fall! Our classes start next Wednesday and I just cannot wait! You may be asking "what is Missionettes?" Well let me tell you! The Assemblies of God has two programs in place, for our youth. Royal Rangers is the program for boys. It is basically like Boy Scouts. So why not just be in Boy Scouts, you ask? Well, Royal Rangers not only teaches about life skills and goes on camp-outs and such, but it's all done with God at the center of the curriculum.

M'Pact Girls Ministries (also known as Missionettes) is the God-centered version of Girl Scouts. Same principles apply to Missionettes as to Royal Rangers. I will be teaching the Rainbows class. Rainbows consists of 3-5 yr. olds (not yet in Kindergarten), both boys AND girls. Once they graduate out of Rainbows is when the boys go into Royal Rangers and the girls go into Missionettes. Each group has opportunity to earn badges for various tasks, which include (but are not limited to): memorization of Bible verses, learning each levels Motto & colors, going on "Adventures" (such as learning, spiritual, work, science, etc.), and many others.

I can't remember what group Nathaniel will be starting in. But Ben will be in my class. I want, so very much, to have my niece, Destiny, be able to be in Rainbows, but there are things that can't be gotten around to have her there each week. I'm praying that a way is made. I think she would so love to be in these classes.

Speaking of Nathaniel...he started school last Monday. He is officially a 2nd grader! I cannot believe I have a 2nd grader! He will be 8 yrs. old on October 3rd already! He is doing well in school, but he's still having a hard time concentrating and gets distracted from his work, easily. So he comes home with homework almost nightly. We'll be speaking to the pediatrician about upping the Concerta again. I don't want to see him have to bring home work every single night. He had 5 hours worth of work the other night, because he couldnt' complete all the work in class. Matt & I took turns working with him, each of us bringing our own teaching skills to the table. When he would get frustrated, I'd have him take a break. We'd watch a half hour cartoon, then start up the work again. Matt took a different approach, that really seems to work for Peanut. He taught him about meditation. When he feels himself getting upset or frustrated at his work, for whatever reason, he now knows how to focus his attention elsewhere (on anything, just not the work in front of him) for a couple of minutes, to clear his head, then go back to it when he's calmed down. Matt explained that taking a few deep breaths will help him calm down, too.

An update on Benjamin...the poor baby has to undergo yet more testing. More blood tests, another urine analysis, a stool analysis, a meeting with a nutritionist, a hearing test, continued speech therapy, an occupational therapy evaluation...I think I'm forgetting something else. We are so overwhelmed with all of the evals and testing that he has to have done. There's just so much! His specialist at Akron Children's Hospital is REALLY leaning towards Celiac Disease or Cystic Fibrosis and wants him tested for both ASAP. Oh yes, that's the other test...the Sweat Test for the CF. Please, those of you that pray...PRAY HARD that he does NOT have CF. If it would come back positive, we will be absolutely devestated. Life expectancy for CF patients tops out in the very early 20's. We are praying that if he has either of the diseases he's being tested for, that it's the Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease would be a huge inconvenience, as it means that he would have to be on a totally and completely wheat-free diet. That means NOTHING with flour, nothing with wheat gluten...Do you know HOW MUCH FOOD that rules out?! ANY kind of pasta, ANY kind of bread, cookies/cakes, etc. Yes, there are now gluten-free foods, but they are massively expensive and you try to explain to a 2 yr. old that he has to have special food and that he can't eat what his brother is eating!! HA!

It IS managable, and it IS better than him having CF. And for that we would be eternally grateful! It will just be a difficult and long adjustment for all of us. But there's a reason the little guy isn't growing. Since May 20th, he had only gained 1/2 a pound and 1/2 an inch. He weighs 22.5 lbs. and 31 3/4 inches, and he is 2 and a half...or 1 month shy of it. His specialist is very concerned about his lack of growth and officially diagnosed him with 'failure to thrive'. We're taking it one day at a time, enjoying his amazing personality. To look at him, you'd see a healthy, happy toddler, that is just smaller in size. At this point, he's not even on the growth charts. There's a reason his body isn't holding onto calories and nutrients and we're going to get to the bottom of it.

Well, it's 1am, and I will be working at the church all day tomorrow. I'll have Ben with me, then will have Peanut with me when he gets out of school. My father-in-law has been working for Matt (pre-selling photo packages), so he's been really awesome about picking Peanut up after school, and bringing him to the church for me. Then I don't have to stop my work and go get him. And since we stay there until Matt gets off work at 7pm, I take food to the church and make dinner for me & the boys in our huge, awesome restaurant-type kitchen! It makes life convenient for me!

So any ways, blessings to all my friends out there in cyber world!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer is Here...??

Well school is out and summer vacation is here. Summer weather, however, seems to have taken a leave of absence this year! Most days are still very and rainy. Memorial Day was beautiful, however, hitting 80 degrees with a light breeze. I organized a family picnic event at Tuscora Park, for Memorial Day, this year. It has become a tradition to spend the day with Matt's family. But this year I wanted to include my family as well. So instead of making someone clean and organize their home to have guests, I came up with the plan to go to Tuscora Park. I haven't been there in years...since my early teens. Matt and his family have never been there, so it was a great opportunity to introduce them to what will hopefully become a new family tradition. (To see what the Park looks like, please visit

So I decided it would be easiest and most convenient if each family brought their own meat, but then everyone pitch-in with a side and/or dessert for everyone to share. So Matt's parents brought the makings for BLT's, which was a terrific idea! They shared that with whomever wanted some. Matt & I brought hot dogs & shared with Stephanie & her girls, my parents brought bbq chicken that was absolutely scrumptious! It was juicy & tender and it just melted in your mouth! (Go Dad!) As sides and desserts, we had macaroni salad, italian pasta salad, chips, ambrosia, pineapple upside-down cake, a marble cake with vanilla icing that had blueberries & strawberries forming the flag, and I think I'm forgetting some things! Regardless, it was all amazingly delicious! We definitely have great cooks in our families!!!

Unfortunately, there was a call for sporadic rain showers throughout the day. We almost made it through our picnic...but not quite! My little niece, Destiny, tried shielding herself from the rain with a paper plate, of all things, lol. Keep in mind, she's only 2½ yrs. old. But it was a quick rain, we were under the cover of trees, so that helped, as well. Once we cleaned up the picnic area, we loaded the cars back up, so that we could let the kids go on some rides and play.

Benjamin & Destiny are at the perfect age for the Park. They have an old wooden Carousel...Ben absolutely hated it. He rode on a horse with me and cried the entire time. Destiny held on for dear life, but seemed to enjoy it! Baby Lilyana even got her first ride on the Carousel. Stephanie held Lily on her lap, on one of the benches on the ride. From there, we let the little ones ride the cars, airplanes and spaceships that go around in circles...much like the ones you see every year at your local Fairgrounds. They enjoyed each of those, emmensely!

We then headed to the batting cages, to let Nathaniel have a shot at the balls. He did wonderfully!! Out of 100 balls, he hit about 90% of them! Matt's entire family was amazed!! (My parents had left before the rides, due to exhaustion and pain in various body parts.) I've seen Nathaniel in action, which is why I signed him up at our local YMCA for the Coach-Pitch Baseball League this summer. Well then Stephy got gutsy and decided she was gonna try her hand at batting. I think it was only the 2nd or 3rd ball, and Stephy was injured. I saw her hand shaking, but didn't understand why. I thought she got hit with the ball on her hand. Then I saw it...her thumb nail was bent and broken, half way down her thumb. It started to bleed almost immediately. But do you think she let that stop her? Heck no!! She continued hitting fact, she hit about 5 balls after that! Go Stephy! Afterwards though, she was in some pretty good pain. She exited the cage and showed us what her thumb looked like. I knew she needed to get it cleaned out right away, and get it bandaged. And of course, I had switched bags and had forgotten to put my purse-sized first aid kit in the new bag! So I jumped into action, and took her to find the first aid stand. We found it and a teenage girl was manning the office. She looked a bit queasy when she saw Stephy's nail, haha. She asked what we items we'd need to patch her up. I requested antibiotic ointment, bandages, paper towels, and guaze.

So Steph and I headed to the bathroom to clean out her wound, as gently as possible. We ended up going back to ask for medical tape. I had to actually point out what and where the medical tape was because the girl had no clue, lol. Once we got Steph all taped up, we headed back to the rest of the family, where Nathaniel was still hitting balls. Steph's Mom made the comment that she didn't get to tend to her daughter. It never dawned on me to step aside and let my mother-in-law take charge...after all, it WAS her daughter who was injured. So I felt bad, after that. I didn't mean to take over. I just wanted to help Stephanie. Mom wasn't upset at all. But I felt like I kind of stepped into her territory. If there should be a next time, I will make sure to step aside and let her handle things.

So once all of that was over with, we rode on the little train with the kids. Then Matt, Stephanie, and Nathaniel rode the miniature roller-coaster. After all the riding was over, we all got ice cream cones and cotton candy (courtesy of Stephanie). By the time we loaded the kids and strollers up, and got everyone situated, and drove home, it was 8:30pm!!! We had gotten there just before noon!!! So we had an exhausting, fun-filled, relaxing day. I'd like for all of us to go down there again, this summer...and every summer, if we can. It's only a 35 minute drive, or so. So it's not that far. It doesn't cost a lot of money. The rides are 75 cents each! The ice cream cones were only $1.25! So it's very affordable, especially if you take your own picnic. But next time...I vote we all just take ham sammiches!! It'd be MUCH easier than trying to grill!! lol

I know this is a long entry & I thank you if you made it this far. I know I said I'd update on what Ben's appointment revealed, but I will try to do that in a day or so.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Oh my!! Time goes by so quickly! I have been a bad blogger, in not updating recently! My apologies to my readers...if there are any out there, still, lol!
My life went from boring and mundane to suddenly every day is filled up with things to do! I've been working as the part-time secretary at our church for about 5 weeks now. I absolutely love it. Ben is able to go with me and play around the church, while I work. I have a large office, so I have a stash of toys and a high chair in there for him. And in the conference room, right next to my office, I have his playpen in there, for nap-time. It's so convenient. With Nathaniel getting out of school this week, for the summer, it's going to be even better. He can help keep Ben occupied.
I will be signing Nathaniel up, this week, at our local YMCA, for baseball. They have practice two days a week, Tuesday & Thursday. First game is on June 17th. I think he'll really enjoy it. It'll give him something to do this summer, that is structured and all about him.
Ben has to go through some testing this summer and I don't want Nathaniel to get lost in all of that. I feel badly, sometimes, because it seems with Ben's special needs, he takes up more of time. So I really try to make time to focus on Nathaniel.
I will update in another blog, later this week, about Ben's tests. It's too long to get into right now. I just wanted to leave a quick update for today. I'm still alive & kickin'! I just have a life now! lol
Enjoy your Memorial weekend!
Blessings to all!

Friday, April 18, 2008

So much...

...has gone on since March! Wow! I've really been busy! Sorry for the lack of updates lately! So what has been going on with me? Well Benjamin turned 2 yrs. old on April 7th! He's no longer a baby...yet he is, because of his delays and being non-verbal. He's still in speech therapy. Nothing has changed with his speech. Right now, he & I have strep throat. Lucky us!
We had a HUGE birthday party for Matt & our brother-in-law, who both turn 30 within a month of each other. And we added Ben's birthday in there, as well. We had a really great time.
We joined a church, too. All of us. And I'm the church secretary and nursery coordinator. I absolutely love it! I work 3 days a week and have my own office. I got it all cleaned out & organized this week. And I made my first bulletin ever, just yesterday!
Matt got Olan Mills some business...our church directory is going to be done by his company! Matt doesn't get credit for it, unfortunately. But still, it might get Matt some business! Which would be great! I'm going to make him some business cards, so he has them to hand out.
Well, I think that's all for now. Will update again soon!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed in!

Ack! Ohio is in the middle of near blizzard-like conditions. I don't have exact snowfall amounts but it's nearly knee-high in our yard. I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them. It's insanity. Our area is not used to large amounts of snowfall like this. Where Matt & I are located, we are between snowbelts...the areas of Ohio that get the largest amounts of snow, regularly. So this is definitely not the norm for us. Matt *did* have to go to work today, to call people and see if they'd like to reschedule appointments for another day. Only 1 insisted on coming in today and their appointment wasn't until 3pm. So he had to sit around and wait for them all day long. Sure, he got paid, but he also risked his life by driving in this weather. So that really pissed me off. Stupid people that don't think about others and what their actions cost them. I mean, yes he had to go in to call people, but he could have left immediately after that, had they all rescheduled. Instead, he had to sit there while the snow continued to fall heavily, not being able to leave until several hours later, when the driving conditions had worsened.
So my point to all that is to please think about what you put others through, by driving in conditions that you have no business being on the roads for. If it's not a dire necessity, keep your ass home! That's all for my PSA! I'll post pics tomorrow!
If you're in Ohio, STAY IN and keep warm! If you're somewhere warm, well blech on you LOL. Be thankful you are!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthday Plans

Birthday plans are in full swing!!! We have Matt's 30th birthday on March 31st, Ben's 2nd birthday on April 7th, and our brother-in-laws 30th birthday on April 25th. So we are combining the three parties into one big one! My sister-in-law, Stephanie, and I have been planning and buying and shopping! For the double 30th party, we are having a Movie Night themed party, complete with a red carpet rolled out, a movie statue pinata, stars hanging from the ceiling, top hats for the men, gold beads for the ladies, VIP passes for the birthday "guys", etc.! It is coming together so wonderfully! We are going to have a great time. If all works out ok, we will have dvd's of the guys throughout their lives, set to music. I'm using Phil Vassar's song "My Next 30 Years".
For Benjamin's birthday, we are doing a Fisher Price Little People's theme. I'll have print-outs of the Little People characters, primary colored crepe paper/plates, etc., and for his cake I'm using the Little People's Musical Birthday toy set on top. I'm designing it myself. It should be fun!
Stephanie and I are going shopping at Flower Factory tomorrow, for some more party supplies. That is...if the weather holds out for us!! We are expecting another snow storm, overnight and into tomorrow and Saturday. Yipee! (Insert eye roll here)
So that's what I've been busy doing, lately. Which is why I haven't updated my blog! Sorry!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Poor Baby

My poor Benny Baby had to get 5 vaccinations today! Y We had to get his vaccinations caught up...long story involving our pediatrician's partner and they're not allowed to have them at the office anymore. But they didn't put it to the patients that way, and let us think they were getting the vaccinations in at any time. So instead of taking Ben to a different doctor, we just waited. Finally got out of them that they won't be getting the vax in any time soon, to just take him to the health department. So that's what we did today.
I made Matt go with me this time. He held Ben during the shots, then I got to comfort him after. The poor baby cried so hard. I felt awful. Mommy got teary-eyed too, a couple times. But afterwards, I got to hold him and love on him, and that made him happy. So he came home and took a nap. My father-in-law came over to sit with the boys so we could go file our taxes and run to the bank/grocery store (the bank is in the store). So now we're getting ready for dinner and not much else!
American Idol is on tonite, yay! So far, I have about 4 favorites. But we'll have to just wait and see who gets cut, over the next couple of weeks, before I make a final decision.
Any ways, that's all going on with us. Nothing much really. Blessed be!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

If you couldn't guess, we got dumped on with a bunch of snow & ice!! Nathaniel hasn't had school since last Friday! Monday they cancelled school due to extreme temperatures. Our windchill was -15!!! Tuesday & today was due to snow & ice. And they're already scheduled off for Friday, for a "teacher in service day", and then they're off next Monday for President's day! Talk about a nice mid-winter vacation here! At best, he'll have to go to school tomorrow, which should prove interesting! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and the teachers are throwing each class a party. My mother-in-law got Nathaniel some Spiderman valentine cards and some candies to pass out. So tomorrow should be an easy school day, assuming the winter weather mix takes a break tonite! Road crews have been working around the clock, trying to keep up with the snow & ice. My Dad, personally, has been working 16 hour shifts, as a snow control operater for the County. The overtime is always a blessing for my parents. But as Dad gets older, it's gets harder for him to work those long, cold shifts.
Well, if any of you are in the Ohio area being affected by all this snow, please take care. Stay in and stay warm. And if you HAVE to go out on the roadways, please exercise caution in your driving. Drive a little slower, brake a little sooner, use appropriate turn signals. Don't let common sense go out the window!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Results of Game Night

Ok so we had game night at Matt & Stephanie's last night. Beforehand, Stephanie made an awesome meal of homemade salisbury steak, homemade mashed taters, corn, and homemade Pistachio Bundt Cake. Everything was delicious! Once cleanup was over, we let the kids play for a while, got baby Lilyana changed & fed, and then we set up the Pictionary game.
SuperMama's vs. Team M&M (stands for Matt & Matt lol). What a riot! Between people not understanding or knowing certain words (bug sounds like rub?! lmao), and others not knowing how to draw particular animals (ribbit), and others drawing more complicated pictures (dam), on top of keeping the kiddo's in line (ages 7 yrs., two 2 year olds, and a 3 month old), it was quite the challenge!
Other than watching the Jeff Dunham video's (Silence...I KEEL YOU!), I haven't laughed like that in so long! It was a very relaxing, fun evening for us. While we were there, brother-in-law Matt got online and found out that Nathaniel's school (along with hundreds of other schools in NE Ohio), was closed for today, due to extreme cold, and windchill advisories. So we got to stay even longer than originally planned. However, that put us at not leaving until about 2:30am! lol Good thing I put the kids in their pj's before we left our house for the night!
So all in all, we had a blast! Matt & I got to spend time with our nieces...Matt & Stephanie got to spend time with their nephews. We hadn'ts een each other since Christmas, so it was great to be with them.
By the way, if you were wondering...sadly....Team M&M came out on top this time. Team SuperMama's demand a rematch in the very near future, though!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Shadow of the Day", by Linkin Park

I just have to say how utterly sick it makes me, when I think of our men & women in a war that we no longer have any business being involved in. At first, yes. But now? No way. This is a civil war that Iraqi's have to got to learn how to deal with on their own. We can't keep policing and babysitting the entire world. We have our own mess in our own backyard that needs desperate tending to. I try not to get too political when I post my blogs online, but this just needed to be said. It's been eating me up for a long time now. Do I believe we went in with false information? I don't know. I don't think anyone will ever know for sure. One of the mysteries of the White House. Do I believe there were WMD's at one point in time, in Iraq? Absolutely. But Saddam had HOW MANY YEARS to move them, before we went in there? Bottom line about Saddam...he needed to be taken out of control. What he was doing to his people was despicable. However, what we continue to put our military through is just as deplorable at this point. Bring our troops home and bring them home NOW!

First time Sleep over

So Nathaniel had his first sleep-over at our house, this weekend. A neighbor boy, Chuck, has been walking our puppy for me (he handles the cold much better than I do). And he mowed our lawn once, at the end of the summer. He & his Dad came around a couple of times about a car we were selling, asking for a friend of their's (also in the neighborhood). Since then, they've come around a few more times, and we've gotten to know them a bit, especially Chuck.
He's a bit older than Nathaniel, but he doesn't seem like it. He seems in between his age and Nathaniel's. And since he stayed here, this weekend, I was more comfortable with the difference, being as I could keep my eyes and ears open.
He's really good with Nathaniel & Benjamin. Ben adores Chuck. He's such a good kid. He even offered to wash the dishes after dinner yesterday! I am NOT used to that offer! lol
So Nathaniel's been having a blast all weekend. Now tomorrow, Chuck has to go home. We're having a family game night with Matt's sister & her husband. It's Pictionary night and it's gonna be Girls Vs. Boys...Girls RULE, Boys DROOL! lol Stephanie & I have to defend our winnings!! So that should be a lot of fun. She's making dinner, beforehand, for everyone. The kids will get a chance to play. Ben & Destiny haven't gotten to play since Christmas, with us all being sick.
That's what's going on in MY neck of the woods, this weekend. Not much else to tell, really!
Blessed be!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Our puppy, Haven

Here's Haven, as a new addition to our family. She still has this bear, she sleeps with it every night, plays with it during the day, lol.

These last 4 photos were taken in December. So you can see how much she grew. And she's grown even more since then.

I have received a couple of emails asking about our puppy. So here's a little background. My parents had to put my dog, Tessie, to sleep, back in September-October-ish. I had a really hard time dealing with it, as did Peanut. In fact, Nathaniel still breaks down in tears, every now and then. When asked what's wrong, he replies that he misses Tessie terribly. My poor baby!!

So our then live-in friend, Jimmy, a couple of days after Tessie's death, in an attempt to make me (his 'mom') feel better, brought home this cute, black furrball. He had already named her on the way home...Haven. She was so adorable...she still is, just bigger and a lot more hyper LOL. At first, no one was sure whether Jimmy would take her once he moved out, because he bonded with her just as quickly as I did. But in the end, a puppy would have been too much for his bachelor lifestyle, haha!

She's now, roughly six & a half months old, or right about there. Her paws are huge, which indicates she will be a rather large dog. Jimmy was "told" that she is black lab & a husky mix, but I seriously doubt the husky. Whatever other breed she is, it is quite clear that the black lab is the dominant breed in her. She's jet black! In fact, she's so black, that in pictures I have to lighten them, so that you can make out that she's a dog, and not some black lump, lol!

She has had a difficult time house-training, but she's getting there. We're down to just random, sporatic accidents in the house now. Our biggest problem with her is the hyperness. It's beyond hyper, it's like super duper hyper! lol But she really is a sweet dog. Nathaniel loves her, and every time he goes to school, she sits at the door and cries, until she finally realizes he's not coming back right away. Benjamin has always had a fear of dogs, since itty bitty. So we thought maybe having a tiny puppy like she intially was, would help. At first, it was okay, he really had nothing to do with her. Then as she started to really grow, Ben made more attempts to stay far away from her. Now, though, if she's laying quietly, he will go over to her, kiss her, hug her, and lay down on her.

And Haven, being the sweetie that she is, loves to have Ben lay on her. She lays perfectly still, and just lets him do his loving! We do still have 1 cat, Sylvia. Angel became sick in the early fall and I found her in the basement while I was doing laundry. I was devastated, especially since the day before she had been up running around, meowing, eating, etc. We had noticed a slight decrease in her appetite, but figured it was just a phase. Sylvia and Haven get along well. Haven is just curious about the cat, mostly sniffing her, then leaves her alone. Sylvia just keeps to herself as much as possible, like a lot of cats, lol. Miss Independent!

And now for some pictures of our little ball of fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fibro-flare, Here I Am

Here in Ohio, it has been on the warmer side, but very wet. We've been having thunderstorms...Yes...THUNDERSTORMS...complete with lightning and heavy rains, flooding in many the beginning of February. Definitely some odd weather patterns occurring. Now we are awaiting the cold front to move back in, some time today or overnight, I which case, we will be getting snow again.
So what does this do to a fibromyalgia patient, you ask? Well let me explain how I felt when I woke up yesterday.
Even with it rainy, yesterday, I actually had a good day. The antibiotics for the bronchitis worked and I'm starting to really feel better from that, and I've stepped up my multi-vitamin to 2 a day, to help boost my immune system. I even INSISTED on doing the running around yesterday! I had to run to WIC & the health department, then to the dollar store to pick up some things like shampoo, body wash, etc.
I then went to get diapers for Benjamin, came home and Matt had dinner made. I ate dinner, then headed back out to Rite Aid for milk (it's only $2.89 there!) and to Giant Eagle to get Ben's Pediasure. Now because it was almost 60 degrees yesterday, I didn't bother with a jacket...probably not a best idea on my part, but it felt so good out there!! I got caught in the rain around 9pm when exiting the grocery store. But it was still fairly warm, probably around low 50's.
Now fast-forward to this morning...I awoke and was extremely groggy, and had a difficult time waking up, which is very odd for me. I typically hear the alarm and am up in a second.
So as I'm sitting up, rubbing my eyes, trying to focus and as I start to put my legs over the side of the hits me. All throughout my shoulders, arms and legs...that heavy feeling you get in your muscles when you have the flu. That achey feeling, also. I woke Nathaniel up and got him going for school. I woke Matt up and told him that I was going to lay back down, once Nathaniel was on the school bus.
I headed back upstairs and climbed into bed and turned the electric blanket on high, hoping the heat would help my muscles.
I laid there for 20 minutes, feeling the fiery pain moving up my arms, feeling the tension and pressure of the pain in my shoulders before I got back up and took a pain pill (a non-narcotic that doesn't do much good). Then I rubbed my achey muscles down with icy-hot and went to sleep for a while. I still feel like hell, but I'm up, at least. Even my fingers hurt, and typing doesn't help. But sitting still, watching tv, hurts too, so I'd rather be on here, at least doing SOMETHING, rather than feeling like a lump on a log in my chair. The burning pain gets to me by the end of the day. I feel like I want to scream. But I know that won't help, so I keep silent, and don't say much about the pain to anyone, but my Mom, who also has fibro and very much understands what I'm going through.
I don't mean or intend for this to sound like a whiney entry. There are just so many people out there who don't know what fibromyalgia is, or how it affects people in their day-to-day lives. Hopefully this will help even 1 person understand what it's like, so that THEY can be more compassionate to a person in their life that may have it. It's definitely an "unseen disease", and because of the lack of outwardly signs of it, many people just think it's made up, or a mental condition. But I can assure you, it is neither of those things.
Well, it is time for me to mosey on to my comfy chair and put my feet up. I think I'll sit on the heating pad for a little while. It helps alleviate some of the pain, even if for a while.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jeff Dunham

I had never head of Jeff Dunham until my friend, Cathy, started raving about him. She finally linked me (because I'm too lazy to look him up myself) to some of his skits that are on Holy crap, is he hysterical!! So now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you...JEFF DUNHAM and ACHMED THE TERRORIST. {You HAVE been warned: You WILL laugh, you WILL probably pee yourself -so please put on Depends-, and there IS some swearing, all in fun!!!}

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bitter People

Ok, so what makes people so dang bitter?? We have a neighbor that has caused problems for us since the day we moved in. We hadn't lived here 2 weeks (I was still in the NICU with Benjamin at this point, so I hadn't even actually gotten to live here yet), when our witchy old lady (she's in her late 50's to 60's, I'd guess) reported us to the city that our grass hadn't yet been mowed. It was the first 2 weeks of APRIL, for pete's sake!!! You know, when there was still FROST on the ground, and we ended up having snow later that month! I don't know what the heck her problem is, but this is getting seriously old. We have 4 bags of garbage outside our back door, and she called the health department on us again!!!! What in the hell is this woman's problem?? She's never even met us and has been a total pain in our ass! I cannot WAIT until we can afford to put up a privacy fence around our entire backyard! Then maybe her NOSEY butt will stay OUT of our business!! I am so fed up with this woman. And today I had just decided that me & the kids were going to try and be nice to her, and send her an anonymous box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. Pffft...Maybe laxative filled ones now! UGH! What did we ever do, besides moving in here, that pissed this woman off? I seriously don't get how one person can be so nosey, bitter, and hateful to people she doesn't even know! I know from other neighbors that this isn't a new hobby for her, that she's caused numerous problems for people throughout the years. Perhaps it's time for her to find a new hobby...and maybe get a life!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My latest song obsession...Enjoy

The sickies...again!

Yes, we all have the sickies again! Or still, if you prefer! I have bronchitis, and am on an antibiotic and cough syrup. The boys both are on antibiotics and breathing treatments. Lemme tell ya, the first couple of treatments for Ben was NOT pleasant, but he sits very still now, and doesn't cry anymore. Yay! Peanut, of course, is a pro at them, he's had lots of experience with them!

Matt is in a new job now. He is managing the Olan Mills, here in Massillon. Congrats to him! He loves it!!! He has much more room for creativity through Olan Mills, and he actually gets to STAY HOME all the time, and not have to travel, like with United Studios! Of course Peanut is LOVING this aspect of the new job. Plus we get really awesome discounts! So Matt started his new job just this past Sunday. So he's still in training. Mainly needing training on the computer (paperwork & editing), and how to use the camera, as it is set up on a pole and it swivels and moves up & down, while you try looking at the faces you are photographing on a monitor. It's a co-ordination thing that I would so totally suck at lol! So props to him!

We're getting a phone hooked up thru Vonage this week. We're waiting on the router to arrive so we can hook it up! We get 2 months of free phone service with them! Yay!!

Other than that, nothing else going on. Just trying to get everyone healthy. Nathaniel has Presidents Day off of school, so I think the night before, we're gonna drive to PA and stay the night with his grandparents. They've been wanting us to do that, and I think it would be so much fun. I just adore Matt's grandparents. I know they would love some one-on-one time with the boys, too. The only thing is, I don't know what we'll do with the puppy. Maybe Jimmy will come stay the night with her. We will have to call him and ask him.

Any ways, so that's what's up. I'm gonna add a couple of more pics of the kids. Enjoy!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bad day...week..

Hello all. Yes, as the title says, I'm not having so hot of a week. I ended up with another stomach bug this week. And the temps in Ohio have been very cold, which really affects my fibromyalgia. I've been in a lot of pain this week. My arms constantly feel like they are on fire, the muscles burn in pain. I can't even really describe it. All I know is that I hurt and the pain medication my doctor has me on isn't helping at all. So I've been pretty miserable. Sorry to not have an upbeat, bubbly post for today. I just don't have it in me.

I am waiting for Nathaniel to get home from school so that he can keep an eye on Ben, long enough for me to take a quick shower. I'm hoping the warm water will loosen up some of my stiff muscles, even just a little bit. Odds are, it will just tire me out even more. I've been up since 4am, due to the pain. So I'm completely exhausted. Ben is being so good for me, though. He's watching Cars and chomping on some pretzels.

The puppy, on the other hand, oy vey!! Haven is into everything today. She's totally wound up. She's got a lot of energy built up. I may have to tie her out back for a while, and let her run around.

Any ways, that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.